How Smart Is Your Pooch? – Pet Sitters Club

Let’s face it. We all think our pets are the smartest, cutest, and hands down best companions. But how does your pooch rate in the top ten smartest dog breed statistics? Take a quick look below to find out!

10  Australian Cattle Dog – these dogs are trained to keep cattle moving and need to be kept active.

9  Rottweiler – Trained to protect, this powerful breed is sometimes used as a police dog because of their size and strength.

8  Papillon – Good things come in small packages! This little dog has a keen sense of hearing to go along with its giant ears, making it a great watch dog.

7  Labrador Retriever – This loving, patient dog can be trained to do almost anything. From being used to sniff out bombs and drugs, to helping the disabled as service dogs, the Labrador is a real asset.

6  Shetland Sheepdog – The Sheltie was used to herd sheep. They have a lot of energy, have a great sense of hearing and many owners say their Shelties are as smart as humans.

5  Doberman Pinscher – Another dog that has been trained to be a police dog, watch dog, and guard dog. It has a protective nature, but they are also very docile and sweet as well.

4  Golden Retriever – Often confused with the Labrador Retriever, the Golden Retriever is patient and easily trained. It can also be used as a therapy dog.

3  The German Shepherd – Tough they look tough, the German Shepherd is a loving breed. Not only are they trained as police and rescue dogs, their intelligence has brought them into the military as well.

2  The Poodle – Yes, Fifi is not only beautiful, she’s smart! The poodle not only was a hunter, but a water dog as well. They are great around people and extremely intelligent.

1  Border Collie – This dog loves to work! It is a herding dog known for its speed and agility. They can be seen in many dog sport competitions and are quick as can be.


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