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We'll take Care of your pets, when you can't be there

Dog Walking and Cat Sitting

Pet Sitters Club provides the best solution for you. Your dog, cat and/or other pets will have the care they need every time you're away - right in your own home.


Who We Are

Founded in 1999 by James and Naomi Garfinkel of Great Neck, NY, Pet Sitters Club Inc. has provided pet sitting services to over 3,000 satisfied pet sitting customers throughout the North Shore of Long Island. Employing a local staff consisting of dedicated pet lovers.



We specialize in dog and cat care in the comfort of your own home when you can’t be there. We offer a flexible schedule tailored to you and your pet’s needs, Mid-Day Dog walks, Weekend Cat Visits, Crate Training Asssitance are just some of our services


Why Choose Us?

 Pet Sitters Club is totally focused on caring for your pet and providing loving, personalized attention to your pet’s special needs. Pet Sitters Club knows how to handle different personalities and temperaments from the most friendly to the most feisty!

Pets Love Us, and Owners Too

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