When pets are a part of a lovely wedding, it adds a special touch When most people plan their wedding day, they focus on the venue, food, and music. When Jean Ference and Bob Freedline started planning, their special day, they knew their beloved four legged babies Siyeh and Ketsi had to be part of the ceremony. Not many wedding venues allow dogs, but the Swan Club of Roslyn welcomed Siyeh and Ketsi.

Pet Sitters, New York, Long Island

That’s when they decided to coordinate with their pet sitting service, Pet Sitters Club of Great Neck. Owners Naomi and James Garfinkel arranged for Siyeh and Ketsi to be cared for from the time Jean and Bob were getting ready for the big day all the way through the ceremony and cocktail hour. Siyeh and Ketsi’s primary dog walker, Rico, was there to escort the dogs to their
places at the ceremony. He ensured that the dogs stayed calm and did not disrupt the important event. He released the dog leashes at a given command after the couple had taken The goal was to have Ketsi come to Jean first and Siyeh to follow. At the wedding, when Jean called Ketsi, she just sat there and didn’t move. Instead Siyeb came barreling down to her followed immediately by Ketsi.

They came running to the couple with their tails wagging. The Garfinkels started Pet Sitters Club in 1999. Today Pet Sitters Club serves over 2,000 households across Long Island and in parts of Queens. The wedding was a huge success – shared by loving family and friends and two cherished furry creatures. Pet Sitters Club has enabled many families to have their pets at weddings, bar Mitzvahs, and other social events, ‘:;;0 your four legged friends never have to be left behind! With a little help from Pet Sitters Club, they can be right there with you at life’s most important events.