Dog Walking- The one Thing you CANNOT skip!!

Looking back at one of the items under our “Dog Walking Rules and Words of Advice from a Professional Dog Walker” exercising your dog is the one thing you cannot skip. Walking with your dog is the single most powerful tool we suggest to help you connect with your dog. By leading the walk, you have the ability to truly bond with your dog as his/her pack leader. The “dog walk” is fundamentally where your dog learns to “be a dog”. Through his/her nose, eyes and ears they learn about their environment. They learn about other animals and humans through scent. They learn about things to avoid like motorcycles and garbage trucks with their eyes and ears. They mark their own territory as they pee on trees and other objects in their path.

You should never think you can substitute having a big fenced-in (whether real or invisible) backyard for going on a walk with your dog. Allowing your dog to roam around all day by themselves doesn’t provide them with the structure and mental/physical stimulation they get while on a dog walk. Many people that don’t have the time to dedicate to this very important part of a dog’s life will hire a professional dog walker through a service like Pet Sitters Club, based in Great Neck, NY, to help provide the exercise they want their dog to have, whether they are at work, or are just too busy to dedicate the 30 minutes to an extra walk for their dog.

An estimated 54 percent of dogs and cats in the U.S. also are overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Regular walks are an important part of keeping your dog healthy. During the course of our dog walking business we have come across some dogs that have lead very sedentary lifestyles previously and are considered obese. These clients have engaged our service to increase the amount of exercise their dog is getting each day and they have seen dramatic weight loss results just by adding an extra dog walk or two to their dogs daily routine and modifying their diet slightly

If you are interested in learning more about adding a daily dog walk to your dogs routine don’t hesitate to contact us at 516-466-5617 to schedule a consultation or to add additional walks to your dogs day.