Pet owners should have an emergency plan that includes the safety of their animals. Long Island and NYC are among the areas now considered in  Sandy’s forecasted path. Please consider your pets.  Try to move any pets indoors during this storm. High winds, heavy rain, falling debris are only of the few possible dangers that we face. NEVER leave your pet chained outside!


If you face evacuation, identify a shelter. For public health reasons, many emergency shelters cannot accept pets. Find out which motels and hotels in your area allow pets — well in advance of needing them. Include your local animal shelter’s number in your list of emergency numbers — they might be able to provide information concerning pets during a disaster.


Check to see which of our local Pet Friendly Shelters are operational.


Use this checklist to help gather everything you may need for your pet.   Include:

Call your local emergency management office, animal shelter, to get advice and information.

Place a notice outside in a visible area, advising what pets are in the house and where they are located if your pets are left behind. Provide a phone number where you or a contact can be reached as well as the name and number of your vet.